Origin Story!

             As a person who'd always rather work for themselves instead of somebody else, I was always trying to figure out what business I wanted to eventually own. I worked at a grocery store for quite a while and was told that there would be a position for me as a manager one day. Unfortunately, that came to be a lie; so I left the company and began to work in a restaurant. I was quickly moving my way up the ranks in the restaurant chain and was getting groomed to become a manager. That is when I became extremely sick and wound up in the hospital, losing much of my memory, which put all aspects of life on hiatus. 

             A few years before all that happened though, I went to an anime convention with some of my friends and made our way into the Vendor's Hall. As I looked around, I finally found what I wanted to start business wise. After regaining my health, I worked hard at getting back into the swing of things, putting the idea of owning my own business into motion, and making the dream of becoming my own boss come true. 

I plan on doing my very best to provide exceptional customer service via social media until I can start making waves through the convention circuit.

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